Obama/Biden on 60 Minutes

Part I:

Part II:

The most revealing moment? Right in the beginning, Obama interrupting a giddy Biden extolling Obama’s virtues right after Obama’s speech at the convention. Even after going rockstar by nailing it in front of 80K, he’s in complete control. This is the man we need now. Calm, deliberative, focused.


2 Responses to Obama/Biden on 60 Minutes

  1. ETR says:

    I agree. I cringed a little watching that moment. Biden’s got to work on controlling those impulses to go batty. Obama did a good job refocusing the conversation. Amazingly calm and collected in that moment. This is a guy who can stand the heat.

  2. obamanaut says:

    It’s yet another of the endless examples of his ability to lead. He is confident, poised, never cocky, and presidential in this interview, as he ALWAYS is. He is one to the great politicians of our time and will be a great president. Alternatively, you can have risky John McCain and PTA mom Sarah Palin. As this shakes out in the next weeks, Obama will seal it.

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