Is Sarah Palin in Hiding?

I understand that she’s going through a crash course in virtually every issue facing the country except for “drill here, drill now,” but Americans are beginning to get a little suspicious. Where is she? Why hasn’t she talked to any journalists? Or held a press conference to rebut the disaster unfolding before her?

Why is Sarah Palin having tea with the first ladies?

What is the point? That they all have vaginas? She’s running for vice-president, not presidential spouse. (Can you imagine a comparable photo with Joe Biden and, say, Tipper Gore and Michelle Obama?

The GOP can’t possibly think they’re going to hide her until election day, can they?


2 Responses to Is Sarah Palin in Hiding?

  1. Bwah says:

    Ha, Ha, Ha, ha, ha, ha… she’s practicing answers. Just wait until she gets one they didn’t prep her for. Suggest Indo-Pakistani nuclear non-proliferation.

  2. Palin says:

    It seems like even her one shot – her speech tonight – has now become irrelevant. She can say everything right and perfectly and she is still a trainwreck. This is McCain’s fault. He is irresponsible and impulsive. How can any serious person vote for him?

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