Republican Convention – Day 2

With day one a literal washout, we start with Day 2. Looks like a thin crowd. Low energy.

Congresswoman Bachmann (MN): She was served by James Carville on CNN the night before. Hot, robotic, strangely out of touch with 21st Century politics. She’s attacking the Democratic Party of the 70s. McCain = Service.

Wes Gullett: Adopted Bangladeshi child. Cindy McCain rescued her.

Shanna the Firefighter: She’s a hero just like McCain. I muted it.

Nice, moving tribute to Medal of Honor recipients and other vets including other POWs.

Laura Bush: Proud that the first female vice-president will be a Republican woman. Snoozefest. She’s recapping W.’s administration. W. “kept the American people safe.” Of course, only if you don’t include 9/11. Oh, yeah, that was Clinton’s fault.

W.: Just four months to go…

Maybe I’m biased but it feels like I’m witnessing the death throes of the GOP. It’s like the convention of a minor party.

Fred Thompson: Strange images projected behind. Blue screen effect. Attacking “belt way business as usual crowd.” Praising Sarah Palin.

I’m going to sleep.


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