Pay Attention to Pakistan

Pakistan is arguably the most important country in the fight against terrorists. It is a predominantly Muslim nation with nuclear weapons and out-of-control frontiers (including Taliban strongholds bordering Afghanistan).

At the moment, a political scrum has brought near chaos to the country.

The latest news is that Pakistani Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani came under fire in an assassination attempt on his motorcade. This is not an uncommon occurrence in Pakistan. In the last few years alone, Pervez Musharraf was nearly assassinated a number of times and former president Benazir Bhutto died at the hands of assassins.

Gilani is a member for the Bhutto’s political party, the Pakistan Peoples Party, which is led by Asif Ali Zardari (Benazir Bhutto’s husband).

This assassination attempt, which the government attributes to al-Qaeda linked militants, is likely part of the power struggle now taking place; the outcome of which will have vast and important ramifications in the “War on Terror.”

More on Pakistan later…


One Response to Pay Attention to Pakistan

  1. FPMag says:

    The implications are vast and important. For the U.S., it looks like the corrupt Zardari is our best bet. He has strongly denounced terrorism and al-Qaeda, and he is linked, to some degree, with our intelligence services. The downside of that is that he is not exactly a liberal democrat. He opposes the reappointment of the judges that Musharraf fired because he fears their independence. Sharif is a better democrat, but more of an unknown. And, of course, neither of them will be able to control the ISI and the frontier region. This is going to be the central front of the war in the next administration.

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