Republican Convention – Day 3

Jeff Flake on PBS with Judy Woodruff lays the blame for government profligacy at the Republicans’ door.

Michael Williams: It’s a black guy! In a bow tie!

Luis Fortuno: You may not know this, but the economy is hurting. “We have a problem in America, and it’s high time that we give it an American solution.” Knock at Obama? No. Drill here, drill now. Plus, McCain will do the green stuff, too.

Meg Whitman: Earlier today, Whitman said that press coverage of Palin wasn’t sexist. Good for her. Speech was boilerplate. I do agree that government “shouldn’t spend more than it takes in.” Bizarre for the GOP borrow-and-spenders to say it, though.

Still tepid by Dem standards. Quiet hall. Weak applause.

Carly Fiorina: This week spread the false charge of sexism; essentially claiming that questioning a woman’s record and experience is misogyny. Probably set back the cause of feminism twenty years. Terrible delivery. Speaking slowly, I’m drifting… I think she said something that by implication suggested that Obama will coddle terrorists and embrace evil. Did someone coach her to speak so slowly…like for the children in the audience?

Michael Steele: The other black guy. Are they all on Dramamine? “Drill, baby, drill.” It’s like a convention of oil execs. I am mystified by this fascination with drilling.

Mitt: We immediately remember why Mitt lost. “Government spending doubled since 1980 – it’s liberal.” Huh? Only eight of the last twenty-eight years since then have been “liberal.” And during the Clinton years we ran a surplus. Folks, the borrow-and-spend GOP is lying to you. Liberals love radical violent Islamists and don’t love America.

Huckabee: I really liked Huckabee during the primaries. He is a winning speaker. Starts with attack on the media. Then praises Obama. “He’s right, it’s not about him, it’s about you.” Obama’s European ideas…booooo!

It’s crazy. They continue to attack a 70s caricature of the Democrats. Poor people sponging off the government, etc. Good line: Palin “got more votes running for mayor, than Biden did running for president.” Of course, this has nothing to do with experience, but…good lines don’t need to.

He did well.

Linda Lingle: Unlike John McCain, “Sarah Palin will not try to reinvent herself during this campaign.” Sarah Palin is the best. Gets results, tough, defeats incumbents.

My wife, who is completely out of touch with the news (she rarely reads my blog) – she works and is very, very busy – just found out that Sarah Palin has four month-old with Down’s Syndrome. From my wife, “This woman has no business having a job, never mind running for office.” McCain just lost my wife’s vote.

“Being mayor is great preparation for higher office.”

My wife also thinks Lingle is the best speaker so far.

Harping on the executive experience issue. Being mayor of town of 6,000 prepped Sarah Palin. This is just silly; it will not work. It goes against the gut feeling of everyone who hears it. The GOP should just drop it. Or, you know what, don’t. If you keep saying it people will believe it…yeah, that’s the ticket. She goes on to explain that Alaska is a lot bigger than Delaware.

The issue that America wants resolved is, what does Sarah Palin know about the national issues that face the president? People understand this. Why doesn’t the GOP?

Cut away to Cindy McCain. My wife says she’s “so creepy.”

Rudy: Everyone in New York hates Rudy Giuliani. He is a classless opportunist and a liar. He has shamelessly exploited 9/11 and New Yorkers will never forget it.

He starts with a dud joke. Attacks Hollywood. Michael Crowley has the right take on the U.S.A. chants. Black lady in the audience.

Loathsome. Insults Obama’s career and intelligence. He was a community organizer is a laugh line. “It was too tough,” to figure out whether to vote yes or no. Mayors can decide. Obama cannot. Obama rise can only happen in America. Another laugh line?

This is turning nasty, brutish. The convention chants like Nuremberg. Giuliani cackles.

Giuliani learned “if you don’t have the facts, you’ve got to change ’em.” The GOP platform in a nutshell.

Democrats gave up on America. Links al-Qaeda and bin Laden with Iraq. The hated U.N.

Suddenly the party of feminism. How dare they question Palin’s time with her children.

They are counting on the stupidity of the electorate. Giuliani speech spits in the eye of Americans. The GOP doesn’t respect you.

Giuliani’s speech reflects the character of the man.

Sarah Palin: The 17 year-old expectant parents. Cutie pie youngest daughter. Exploiting the Down’s Syndrome baby for the “special needs” vote. Good looking family.

Very good speaker. The votes lost:

  • City Slickers, Suburbanites, anyone who lives outside a small town
  • Community Organizers
  • The Washington Elite – oh, heck the entire coastal elite, San Fran, New York, etc.
  • She’s a reformer. Lots of drilling talk, pipe laid, etc.

    But uh, oh…pretty shaky on foreign policy. She’s faking it. Utterly faking it. This is the heart of the issue, the very core of John McCain’s lack of fitness for office. This woman knows nothing about foreign policy.


    Obama is a worthless, self-interested sleazeball who will ruin the country and John McCain is not. Time for Chicago Obama’s gloves to come off.


    She doesn’t know any thing about the issues facing the nation. Her speech was heavy on drilling and pipelines and attack, but nothing about the domestic and foreign issues.

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