Will Insulting Voters Work?

The GOP election strategy boils down to the hope that voters are stupid enough to believe their lies. What lies you ask?

1. That being the mayor of a town of 6,000 people prepares you to be president. Voters know this isn’t true in their gut. The GOP can talk about “executive experience” all they want (McCain has none), but deciding whether or not to fill the town pothole does not qualify you to discuss NATO expansion in the Caucasus.

2. That Iraq is going to turn out well. It’s true we’ve won a military victory, but that is no reason to keep our troops there indefinitely while Iraqi politicians figure out how to win a political victory. The Iraqi government is closer to “axis of evil” member Iran than it is the U.S., but our lives and fortune are still lost. Secondly, the Sunnis who have been sitting on their hands, won’t for too much longer. Right now, we’re simply bribing them not to fight.

3. That wasteful government spending and debt is the Democrats fault. Mitt Romney said, “that government spending doubled since 1980 and it’s liberal.” The borrow-and-spend GOP has been in charge for 20 of the 28 years since 1980 and during the Clinton administration we ran a surplus. Almost the entire national debt is from irresponsible borrow-and-spend conservatives.

4. That Barack Obama lacks experience. Relative to John McCain, he is inexperienced. But compared to Sarah Palin he is Henry Kissinger. He has been engaged with the type of issues that will face the president for the last four years as a senator. Sarah Palin hasn’t thought about China ever, she doesn’t know what’s going on in South America and the Middle East. She’s met none of the players and has no statements on any foreign policy issues. Even during her speech last night, the two seconds she spent on foreign policy left her looking like a moose in the headlights. It was frightening.

5. That drilling will solve our energy problem. Sure McCain threw a bone to green solutions, but last night was like watching a convention of oil executives. The bottom line, drilling won’t do anything for gas prices for at least a decade. Ten years from now, we should have an economy that runs on something else besides oil.

6. That questioning a woman’s record and experience is sexist. Sarah Palin is under investigation in her state, has no experience with national issues except oil drilling, has ZERO foreign policy experience (and appears to have never even thought about it), supported the bridge to nowhere, fought for the very same earmarks McCain decried, has lied repeatedly, etc. These are not sexist attacks.

7. That Barack Obama is a terrorist coddling, worthless, and self-interested sleazeball who is out to destroy the country. That his ambition to be president is not as honorable or trustworthy as McCain’s desperation and Sarah Palin’s opportunism. Barack Obama is as much an American success story – he was raised with strong mid-western values – as McCain’s life of privilege and Sarah Palin’s hockey mom biography. He has two very American children of his own, for god’s sake.

8. That trusting a stranger is better than trusting a man you’ve gotten to know through countless speeches, 22 debates, and 19 months of campaigning. Sarah Palin is a hockey mom. That’s all we know about her.

And so on.

This strategy is beyond insulting to voters. The GOP thinks they’re stupid; they show no respect for American’s instincts. Fortunately, voters will get to decide this election. We’ll just see how stupid they are come November.

Update (9/4/08, 10:30 a.m.): Here’s more from The Washington Monthly.
And the Obama team’s point-by-point rebuttal from Mark Kleiman, SameFacts.com.
And the AP.

Good stuff!


3 Responses to Will Insulting Voters Work?

  1. Tootie says:

    You’re forgetting this gem from Romney, “we’re the party of big ideas, not Big Brother.” Yah. Illegal spying, suspending habeas corpus for anyone they decide is an enemy combatant, the entire Patriot Act. This is why liberatarians are voting for Barr. He may have been ignored in MN, but if he’s on a ballot, he’s getting the vote.

  2. ScootieBoi3000 says:

    Well put, I agree completely with you. But I’m afraid that insulting voters has worked far too many times in history. This is because 99% of the time the majority of voters never realize they were ever insulted. I disagree with right-wing politics most of the time, but I got to give it to them for seemingly taking the wind out of the sails of Obama’s campaign. This will be interesting. I hope the Obama campaign can bring the focus back to Bush+McCain and away from Gov. Palin vs. Obama.

  3. tRex says:

    Scootie – Agreed, but the wind isn’t out of his sails. It’s just the day after and McCain is up tonight. He’ll do fine, their base is fired up. Fortunately for Obama, you can’t win with 30% of registered voters. And that’s all McCain will have, Palin or not.

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