Sarah Palin National Enquirer Scandal

Update (8/6/08): As a commenter points out, the Smoking Gun has reviewed Scott Richter’s (Todd Palin’s former business partner) motion to seal his divorce papers. The reason he gave for the motion was that he is being hounded by reporters and sought privacy. A very legit concern, I would say, and the Palins are not mentioned in the divorce papers. If this puts the affair rumor to rest, the better. The salacious rumors are get in the way of the real story. She is incredibly unqualified to be a heart beat away from the presidency. Wouldn’t you love to hear her response to the Fannie/Freddie nationalization and Asif Ali Zardari being elected president of Pakistan? You won’t. Because she’s not talking to anyone. Just reading off of cue cards.

Update (8/6/08): This is the guy (his name is Mark Hanson) rumored to be talking to the National Enquirer (not the former partner).

The National Enquirer, which accurately broke the story of John Edwards’s affair, has been chasing down allegations that Sarah Palin had an affair with her husband’s former business partner.

Andrew Sullivan, who has been aggressively blogging about Palin’s many drawbacks as a candidate, has discovered that the former business partner alleged to have had the affair with Palin filed an emergency motion on 9/3 to have his divorce papers sealed. The order was denied yesterday.

The Enquirer says it will have more next week.

Sullivan will as well, I’m sure.

P.S. Just a note of editorializing here. This is dangerous territory. If there is only smoke and rumors, Palin will look like a hero. It’s best if the National Enquirer and Sullivan, a blogger, stick with this story, as no doubt others on the fringe (though Sullivan isn’t exactly fringe) will. The MSM must remain clean until there are facts. By all means, investigate, but don’t cover the rumors.

P.P.S. Sullivan is my new hero. He is a conservative, but a fair-minded one, and he is deeply opposed to the Palin pick for many legitimate reasons. Whether Palin had an affair or not has nothing to do with her shocking lack of experience in national domestic and foreign policy issues. As this story plays out, keep your eye on the ball. She is deeply unqualified for the job.


2 Responses to Sarah Palin National Enquirer Scandal

  1. Sheldon says:

    McCain’s choice of Palin as VP shows his judgement is far inferior to that of Barack Obama. Let’s hope Obama wins the ekection.

  2. Michael Palin says:

    I’m so sorry, but once again, another scandal that wasn’t.
    Please adjust your tin foil hats, this is starting to get embarrassing.

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