Sarah Palin’s Education

She majored in…sports journalism. And switched colleges six times in six years before graduating from the University of Idaho. No post-grad degrees. Excerpts from a story by Nicholas K. Geranios of the AP (italics mine):

There was no indication any (schools) were contacted as part of the background investigation of Palin by presidential candidate John McCain’s campaign.

According to a biography — “Sarah” by Kaylene Johnson — Palin and three friends went to the University of Hawaii at Hilo after graduation from high school in Alaska in 1982. But they left after a few weeks because of the constant rain there, the book said.

The registrar at Hawaii-Hilo has no record that she ever enrolled, school officials said Thursday.

Palin, then known as Sarah Louise Heath, and a friend then traveled to Honolulu and enrolled at Hawaii Pacific University, a private, nonsectarian school.

From Hawaii Pacific, Palin transferred to North Idaho College, a two-year school in Coeur d’Alene, about 30 miles east of Spokane. She attended the college as a general studies major for two semesters, in spring 1983 and fall 1983, spokeswoman Stacy Hudson said.

From North Idaho College, Palin transferred 70 miles south to the University of Idaho, the state’s flagship institution. She majored in journalism with an emphasis in broadcast news. She attended Idaho, whose mascot is the Vandals, from fall 1984 to spring 1985.

She then returned to Alaska to attend Matanuska-Susitna College in Palmer in fall 1985.

Then she returned to Idaho, for spring 1986, fall 1986 and spring 1987, when she graduated. Despite her journalism degree, she does not appear to have worked for the college newspaper or campus television station, school officials said. She worked briefly as a sportscaster for KTUU in Anchorage after she graduated college.

Hmmm. I’m not a believer that the schools you attend define your intellect or ability – just look at Bush – but this is a record of suspicious inconsistency for a woman who could potentially be president. Plus, the story demonstrates, again, McCain’s questionable judgment (she wasn’t vetted) and Lying Sarah’s trouble with the truth.

The Sarah Palin story get uglier by the day. It’s no wonder they won’t let her speak to reporters.


9 Responses to Sarah Palin’s Education

  1. Changing schools to find a situation that works for you is ‘inconsistency’? Should she have stayed at a college she didn’t like, or in a place she didn’t like, or wasn’t working for her (whatever the reason for her switches), for 4 years for the sake of ‘consistency’? Silly.

    College is not a marriage and it is not a commitment; you go there because it’s supposed to be helping you. Actually I think more kids probably should be switching around than currently do.

    p.s. +10 points for obligatory assertion that she “wasn’t vetted”, of course.

  2. Fr. J. says:

    Nothing here to get excited about. Now if you had said she was a Islamicist sympathizer, a socialist, a black power advocate, THAT would get me upset. But, nothing like that here. I’ll take my Guns, God and Lipstick, thanks.

  3. Bwah says:

    Good for you, knuckleheads. Here’s something else you can take…

    From the AP: Since the midterms in ‘06, the Democrats have added more than 2 million voters in 28 states while the Republicans have lost nearly 344,000.

    Good luck with your Messiah.

  4. Nola says:

    It’s hilarious what conservatives are untroubled by. Lies, grave inexperience, hypocrisy, and an economy spinning out of control. It’s not that they’re stupid or don’t read the paper, it’s that they’re intellectual dishonest.

    As long as it’s Jesus and tax cuts for the rich they’ll vote for a monkey for president.

  5. Fr. J. says:

    It is scary what liberals are untroubled by. In the past 4 years, Democrats have murdered 4.8 million of their own children. If democrat women would stop killing their innocent children, they could win every election.

  6. Maria says:

    I agree with Nola the conservatives do like monkeys to vote for … they also like to take womens rights away!! I can’t wait for all the conservatives to cry when the Democrats will take this country over this November and take this country out of the deep finacial and social and economic mess the conservatives and Bush has put us in. Sara Palin is a JOKE!! The fact that she is a mother and has a job is just like millions of other women in this country what makes her any different? Funny how her so called education is in journalism when she is scared to meet with journalists for any interviews. Did she really have a degree in journalism or any major ??

  7. David in Toledo says:

    Wow! The loopy idea, expressed above, that one political philosophy or another should “win every election” by having the most babies! The planet is already well past its carrying capacity. Instead of being God’s stewards and taking good care of the Earth, we’ve rendered it nearly uninhabitable. There isn’t a problem — energy shortage, pollution, war, disease, you name it — that wouldn’t be lessened if we just went back to the world’s population of only 50 years ago, when there were only half as many of us.

    Any world “leader” who doesn’t promote birth control is a fraud.

  8. cousinavi says:

    @ Fr. J. – Ignornance is something that can be fixed. BIBLICAL ignorance, well…that’s just pathetic.
    “Life begins at conception”. Okay…but the RIGHT to life is a sliding scale that does not mature until some time later and can be taken away under any number of circumstances (self-defence, soldiers at war, capital punishment…).
    I’d waste more time arguing the narrow point of your foolish Jesus inspired imaginary sky wizard beliefs, but there’s nothing to be gained.
    Debating with theists is like smashing oneself in the forehead with a ball peen hammer – it feels better when you stop.

  9. Brian says:

    It is scary what liberals are untroubled by. In the past 4 years, Democrats have murdered 4.8 million of their own children. If democrat women would stop killing their innocent children, they could win every election. SO IT WAS ONLY DEMOCRATS? DO YOU GET THESE STATISTICS OUT OF YOUR ASS?

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