Good Sarah Palin Commercial and Questions

From Talking Points Memo. Here is what Obama’s commercials need to start looking like:

Plus, questions for Charlie Gibson to use during his interview with Sarah Palin (from The Anchorage Daily News). P.S. Note to Charlie: Good journalists ask follow-up questions and challenge lies. Our expectations are very low for you, please prove us wrong.


One Response to Good Sarah Palin Commercial and Questions

  1. wes says:

    Those are good questions but there are literally dozens. We don’t know anything about her or her fitness for office. Kim Jong Il is about to die. What does she think that means for relations on the Korean peninsula? How about the situation in Pakistan? What does she think of Zardari. I know she’ll have studied up on Fannie and Freddie but how about questions on the Feds monetary policy and inflation… the list is endless. Obama could answer, Biden could answer, John McCain might even have a cogent response. Palin won’t even be asked. She will definitely be polished and smart, so don’t expect a bad interview unless Charlie Gibson decides to pretend he’s a journalist.

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