Palin, GOP Exploit Child with Special Needs

The Right-Wing Nut blogosphere and the McCain campaign is lit up because Biden suggested that if they really cared about children with a “developmental disability, who were born with a birth defect” they’d support stem cell research.

Continuing the Christianist crusade against science, Sarah Palin does not.

And this after Sarah Palin dragged her four month-old up on stage at the Republican National Convention under the hot lights and amidst a deafening din. That child, special needs or not, should have been in bed. Period. But the opportunity to show Palin as a tough mother was too good to pass up. Would anything have been lost except a photo op if, say, Trig and Todd were back at the hotel?

Of course not. They probably would have gained something by explaining why he wasn’t there.

Beyond that, among the first words out of her mouth were a pander to the parents of special needs children. Like McCain milking his POW experience to such a degree that it makes my ex-Marine father cringe, Palin/McCain will exploit any shameless opportunity for an advantage.

These people mean not only to stand in the way of scientific progress, but they are actively working to put America at a competitive disadvantage in one of the most important fields of the 21st century – biotechnology – all while exploiting a little boy with Down’s Syndrome for political advantage.

The new low in politics is Sarah Palin and the Palin/McCain ticket.


2 Responses to Palin, GOP Exploit Child with Special Needs

  1. Lix says:

    I felt the same thing watching her with Trig at the RNC. I’m no prude and I’m not generally judgmental but a 4 month-old on that stage? You really can’t judge her decision to work and raise kids, but how many men campaign with a 4 month-old like that? If she doesn’t want questions that we wouldn’t ask to men then act like one.

  2. machdog says:

    My father always told me, if you act like a man, you will be treated like a man. Great! She hunts,
    kills bears, is pro life, against stem cell research, and on and on. I do not want anyone, man or woman, pushing their radical right wing ideas on me. I am a woman, and regardless of what all
    these right wing so called woman think, Palin’s ideas will put us back years and years. What could
    people be thinking, are we so desperate to vote for a candidate because she is a woman and we
    think that she is pretty. DISGUSJTING!

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