John McCain is a Dishonorable Sleaze

Finally, someone in the Obama campaign came out and said it. John McCain has no honor. His desperate ambition to be president knows no bounds.

I won’t post the commercial that led to this denunciation but it directly states that legislation Obama sponsored as a state legislator intended to “teach children the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touching, so that they can protect themselves against pedophiles,” is about teaching sex education to kindergarten children. McCain approved the ad.

Given that Obama has two charming, intelligent daughters who are clearly raised well, this charge isn’t believable on its face, never mind if you actually look into the legislation.

John McCain is not morally fit to be president.

Hat tips to TPM, Joe Klein, and Hilzoy (who points out the the Cub Scouts also seek to protect children from pedophiles. Those liberal animals.


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