NBC/Wall Street Journal: Obama +1

The GOP is crowing, there are a ton of stories about Democrats panicking, and everyone is acting like Sarah Palin is the second coming of the Messiah.

And yet, Obama and McCain are tied. As they were before the conventions.

There’s been some movement for McCain to solidify key GOP states like North Carolina. But Florida and Ohio are still very much in play (with Florida looking more likely right now; Palin will not help with the Jewish vote there). Plus, the Mountain West appears to be becoming Democratic country.

At any rate, regardless of polls, now is the time to fight. Relish this battle. And join the brown bag campaign and give to Obama and the Dems until it hurts.

If you believe in peace, prosperity, the rule of law, and the American Constitution (not mention a woman’s right to choose), you have only one choice in this race.

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