Lehman Goes Down

From the Washington Post:

The Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve are helping Lehman Brothers put itself up for sale. The details are not finalized, but sources familiar with the matter say the purchase is expected to be completed and announced this weekend before Asian markets open Monday morning.

The questions:

1. What will be the extent of the government/Fed bailout?
2. What will be the share price? Lehman is trading around $4.20.

It is truly economic apocalypse now. And half the country wants to put McCain/Palin in office to deal with it. Frightening…


One Response to Lehman Goes Down

  1. sparrowshead says:

    Yes, it’s scary to think where we’re going to be by the end of year. The Fed will own everything at this rate. They need to just let it fail before the US$ becomes worthless.


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