The National Review: Palin Bombed

I haven’t watched the interview yet (I was out), but I came home and browsed a few websites, and I can tell from “The Corner” on the National Review Online that Sarah was “not at her best.” (As though they have any idea what Sarah Palin’s best is.) They are talking about Charlie Gibson having time to prepare and Palin not having enough time (as though Charlie Gibson was running for VP), they fault the editing, claim the Bush doctrine question was unfair, and suggest that not so much is riding on this interview after all.

The point is that she should already be prepared. She shouldn’t need to bone up on the basics of American foreign policy. She needs to be ready now. If the National Review is any indication, the GOP is way back on defense and John McCain is looking like the irresponsible and dishonorable politician he so obviously is.

This will mark the beginning of the great unraveling of Sarah Palin. I’ll watch and post my thoughts at some point, but this interview is going to be a big, fat (and completely necessary) reality check for the planet. Thank God.


2 Responses to The National Review: Palin Bombed

  1. Trée says:

    That interview, to anyone with eyes to see, was a cold slap of reality. With all due respect to McCain’s VP pick, she is not ready and appears to not know she is not ready. I’m not sure which is more scary.

  2. Mike says:

    Palin is definitely not ready and that was evident. I am certainly scared myself and will do everything in my power to help Obama get elected.

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