The Sarah Palin Farce is Over

H/t TPM:

Watch this. I guarantee you that half of the GOP elite (those who love their families and/or have a conscience) just realized that even they can’t vote for McCain now. It is simply too dangerous for our country. This video is terrifying.

The theatrics that worked so well in her convention speech (the fist, the jutting jaw) look ridiculous and amateurish speaking to Charlie Gibson. She clearly has no idea what she’s talking about and doesn’t even have a talking point to refer to. Beyond the sheer cringe inducing embarrassment (I had to stop watching it three times), it is the most terrifying thing I have seen in this entire campaign. This woman shouldn’t be anywhere near a position of global power. Period.

She should drop out for the good of the country.


3 Responses to The Sarah Palin Farce is Over

  1. Semer says:

    Exactly right. I truly expect a hell of a lot of people will continue to say they support McCain/Palin but will choose Obama in the voting booth. The truly intelligent elite conservatives wouldn’t risk our country on this woman.

  2. Uncleduke316 says:

    she doesn’t even mention her only foreign policy cred! dealing with Iranian owned British Petroluem in that deal that gives every eligibile alaskan $12k a year. Instead she chooses to parrot McCain. so we have an old guy with cancer who wants a free pass for being a vet never mind he’s spent his career voting down bills that would have helped vets in favor of corporate interests, as well as blocking investigations into POW’s still held in vietnam, and a woman who ia so blinded by extreme christianity she CHARGED WOMEN TO PAY FOR THEIR OWN RAPE KITS when she was mayor of Wassilia ( LA times) and will rob them of their right to choose to get an abortion NOT for constitutional reasons but because she thinks God would like that.

    the fact so many women are flocking to them is as sickening as it is disgusting.

    “lord help us when we give them the vote!” – John Wayne, Rooster Cogburn

  3. notopalin says:

    Now wait just a nminute, Uncle Duke. Not all of us are blindly voting with our genitals. I agree with your assessment of Palin, but ask you to please not stereotype my gender based on this farce of a woman.


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