The Obama Commercial Needed in Ohio and PA

And Michigan, Wisconsin, etc.

It begins…

Narrator: What does John McCain think of the American worker?

Select edit from this video:

Narrator: Can’t do it?!? For $50 an hour?!? (with graphic $50?!? on screen)

Barack Obama: I’m Barack Obama and I approved this ad because I believe the America’s working men and women are the best in the world.

Shown repeatedly. I have argued repeatedly for Axelrod and Obama’s ad team to stop making ads that suck and start using footage of John McCain against him. For reasons that escape me (are they holding it for a better time? Are the ads simply too cheap to produce and, therefore, won’t generate sufficient billing?), they have yet to do so in a meaningful way.

This ad, and others like it, can be the game changer. Someone please tell me what they are waiting for.


3 Responses to The Obama Commercial Needed in Ohio and PA

  1. blocat says:

    Right on, brother. This commercial is a 30 second indictment. For every voter who somehow isn’t scared to death of Sarah Palin – are you kidding? – this will work wonders. John McCain the asshole hasn’t even been discussed in this election. He’s a massive asshole. This ad shows that.

  2. Hilo says:

    I’ve wondered the same thing. I’ve seen these video around for a while now along with others and I keep wondering when I’m going to see the commercial. does anyone know anybody on the Obama campaign?

  3. Renfro Meats & Cabbages says:

    Holy mother of sweetness what a fool. If cabbage pickin paid 50$ an hour instead of 5$ an hour I’d be in those fields gettin a ripped physique and a tan in an instant. As it stands the only place I can make that much is in an office.

    McCain is nuts if he thinks it’s the work itself that Americans don’t want to do. It’s the pay we can’t stand.

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