Latest Presidential Polls

Gallup has now got Obama +4 (up from +2) yesterday.

National Journal / All State has got these state polls (basically tied):

Obama 45
McCain 44

Obama 44
McCain 44

New Mexico
Obama 49
McCain 42

McCain 42
Obama 41

McCain 48
Obama 41

Insider Advantage has got:

Obama 51
McCain 41

McCain 51
Obama 43

McCain 48
Obama 46

Quinnipiac has Obama +4 nationally.

And my personal favorite: The Indy Star has Obama +3 in Indiana.

These polls solidify a nice swing back in Obama’s direction. Nothing to get too jazzed up about, of course, but it’s a lot better than last week.


One Response to Latest Presidential Polls

  1. MolSanders says:

    Nice to see!

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