The Sarah Palin Geography Test

I know this is one of those gotcha kind of tests but it is indicative of overall knowledge and curiosity, or lack thereof. How many of the following could Sarah Palin identify on a map with borders but without names?

  • Venezuela
  • Iran
  • Singapore
  • The Persian Gulf
  • Sudan
  • Ukraine
  • North Korea
  • Argentina
  • Pakistan
  • Georgia
  • Just to be fair, why not give this test to all four candidates? My feeling is that in order to be considered reasonably well informed you must be able to identify eight of ten. Pointing to a region doesn’t count. I will accept a country directly adjacent to a choice (but only twice).

    Here’s the test map. Fill it in and check it against the answer key. Alternatively, this page let’s you see the answers directly. Just click on a blank location and the name appears.

    Take the test yourself and see if you’re more qualified than Sarah Palin.

    I got nine (exactly). Where the hell is Singapore anyway?


    10 Responses to The Sarah Palin Geography Test

    1. Steve says:

      7 of ten with a mulligan for Sudan. Not as easy as you’d think.

    2. ugh says:

      5/10. Not very good. I’m guessing Palin gets 3.

    3. Nikki says:

      No fair, Alaska isn’t even next to Russia in this map.

      I got eight out of ten. I’m a little fuzzy with nations that were formerly part of USSR, but I was pretty close.

    4. Bill Merigan says:

      Really hard and possibly unfair. Americans never practice such tests which are common in some places. I only got 8 of 10 but I will never forget where Georgia is.

    5. verdantlesion says:

      I went 10 for 10, although I admit I have consistently misplaced Georgia with Azerbaijan up until the Russian/Georgia conflict cemented the shape of that country into my head. I doubt Palin would pass the test, but maybe she’s hiding something in that wildly ignorant PR shell of hers. I mean, the top of her ticket said that Iraq and Pakistan border each other, although he might have been having a “senior moment”…

    6. cmholm says:

      10 for 10, after a childhood pouring over Natl Geo maps. Practice made perfect.

    7. JFactor says:

      I actually got 10/10 but I guessed Singapore correctly and I knew Georgia just before of the last conflict there. I estimate that Palin would get probably 3-4 right. Knowledge of geography is in really bad shape in the US.

    8. notopalin says:

      9 out of 10—That singapore is a bugger! I was in the right part of the world, at least.

      Can this be one of those call-in question to the VP debates? Based on the level of Conservative hypocrisy these days, there’d be an outcry of sexism if (when) she couldn’t get them right. Though each one of her 5 (or is it 6? I lost count)undergraduate Universities ought to be dreadfully embarrassed at being associated with her lack of thinking skills.


    9. Ted says:

      I want a mulligan too. I was promised borders. That map wasn’t big enough to even show Singapore. I guessed the wrong side of the straight. But at least I had it properly engulfed by Indonesia.
      I’d call it 9.5 out of 10

    10. Mike says:

      10/10, but then I’m not from North America or the US. 🙂

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