Biden’s Got to Get His Shit Together

His constant gaffes are becoming a distraction. Stick to the script, buddy. Stay focused.

And just for the record, the reason why Biden gets away with this stuff and Palin wouldn’t is because 1) he talks to the press (to anyone really) and 2) we know that he is competent already. Biden sometimes has a brain fart or simply misspeaks. That’s a consequence of talking a lot.

When you don’t talk at all, mistakes become amplified. And the truth is, if Palin made the FDR/TV gaffe – it was Biden simply thinking too fast for his mouth to keep up – we wouldn’t really know if she understood the history or not. With Biden, we know he knows. And frankly, substitute radio for TV and he is right. FDR’s fireside chats over the radio began during the height of the Great Depression in 1933.

Could Sarah Palin even identify who was president in 1933? Does she know how long FDR served?


What would you be willing to bet that she does? $5?

This woman is running for Vice President of the United States and she hasn’t held a single press conference. Not one.


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