Palin and Couric

I challenge you to watch this and not cringe…


4 Responses to Palin and Couric

  1. Bell says:

    Watched. Cringed. She’s the real reason they are suspending the campaign. They can’t put her in debate and feel good about it.

    Regardless of who shows up tomorrow, we are still having our debate-watching party. McCain can’t suspend everything!

  2. nearlynormalized says:

    Space cadet and friend–they are not of this earth and they let the greedy earthlings guide their nonsense.

  3. Sara in MN says:

    Palin is soooo out of her league. Even the kindly Katie Couric left her looking like she was going to burst into tears if the questions got any “tougher.”

    Also, the folksy “droppin’ g’s” thing Palin does is quite disturbing for a potential world leader.

  4. bluewater says:

    What a Greek tragedy we have in the Sarah Palin situation. It really is, well, painful, to watch this poor woman, victim of both John McCain’s coldly-political ploy & her own unbridled ambition. More & more so, as the McCain campaign inevitably let’s the media get the tentative exposure to her they know they can’t withhold forever. One feels both sympathy and derision for Ms. Palin……..she’s obviously in over her head, and only the die-hard (mostly Far-Right) Palinbots won’t face the inevitability of her self-destruction. Sympathy — for this mother of five with a newborn with special needs, who cannot possibly be with him much (as a dad to newborns a week older than Trig, I cannot imagine my wife, or me, being separated from them like that). And derision — because, hey, she’s the one who “answered that call, without hesitation, without blinking” from John McCain.

    “Like watching a train wreck” is the phrase that increasingly comes to mind, with each new Palin revelation or interview.

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