Obama Won the Debate

I’m under the weather so this will suffice for today, I think.

Obama won because he came away looking presidential, mature, and substantive. McCain did well with the anecdotes and emphasizing his experience, but his clear disrespect for Obama hurt him. Obama is a serious man of intellect and serious candidate, not a teenager annoying a cranky old man.

Plus, McCain kept sticking out his tongue and flashing that unfortunate creepy smile.

He also happens to be wrong about talking to our enemies, Iraq, Pakistan, and the economy. For starters.

Best moment? McCain pulls out the bracelet, says won’t let the soldier’s death be in vain. Obama says no soldier dies in vain because they are doing their duty for the United States. He is quite right, of course, and makes McCain look like the politically exploitive sleaze he is. Obama has a bracelet too, and promised not to let another soldier die for all ill-conceived mistake.


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