Florida Poll: Obama +3

From PPP:

The events of the last few weeks seem in particular to have helped move independents into the Obama camp. Three weeks ago the candidates were tied, now Obama has a 48-40 advantage with those voters.

Perhaps the most important development for Obama’s prospects in the state is significantly improved standing with white voters. Where John McCain had a 27 point advantage with them right after his party’s convention, that is now down to 11 points.

Another factor that could be hurting John McCain is the rapidly declining popularity of Sarah Palin.

The italics are mine. I know the economic meltdown and John McCain’s erratic response to it is helping Obama, but I believe Americans are finally coming to understand how frighteningly unqualified Sarah Palin is.

Voters have children. Voters love their country.

You cannot, in good conscience, vote for Sarah Palin if that is the case.

In another poll, Insider Advantage has got these numbers:

Obama 51
McCain 45
Und 3

Obama 47
McCain 45
Und 7

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