Gwen Ifill Should Step Down

Even though the McCain campaign approved her to moderate the VP debate long after they should have been aware of her book, Gwen Ifill ought to step down.

She is not the story here and she is becoming a distraction. Though I have no doubt about her ability to moderate the debate fairly and without bias, the perception that any question could be tainted should not exist. Her book, “The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama,” whose sales, in part, depend on Obama winning the presidency, can legitimately raise those questions.

I respect Ifill and PBS is my main television news source, but surely there are other serious, non-partisan journalists who can step in at the last minute. Jim Lehrer would do fine.


One Response to Gwen Ifill Should Step Down

  1. pat says:

    Yes she should. How about somebody from fox news, like Juan Williams. Oh yea, he is not non-partisan. How about Sean Hanity or Rush Limbaugh. Yea. That would be just as fair as Gwen Ifill.

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