McCain’s Last Line of Attack? Race

Here is a post I wrote the day after Palin’s candidacy for VP was announced:

And so now it’s coming.

By cutting off (obliterating) the one avenue of attack that, though inaccurate, had an element of relative legitimacy – Obama’s inexperience – McCain has just reduced his campaign to tatters. Around the Internet conservatives are lamenting the pick and wondering how McCain will attack Obama now.

The answer?


What? You thought it would disappear?

As I wrote yesterday, look for Jeremiah Wright commercials, questions about Obama’s “rootless” life, nasty insinuations about his connection to Islam, and so on. Rove’s team is in charge and they’re going for the jugular. This is the cynical heart of GOP politics.

These men believe that in the deep recesses of the minds of white people lies a genuine, almost primal, dislike (discomfort, revulsion) of black people, particularly the idea of a black president and first lady. They feel this way, because it is what they feel themselves.

And to some degree, they are right. I don’t know how many Americans do harbor these feelings, but some must. The GOP is banking that more do than not.

The bottom line? The Palin pick was a desperate tactic by a desperate candidate of a desperate party. And that desperation will only grow more extreme. The race issue is coming after the convention. Just watch.

This is where we are going in the next few weeks. As the polls continue to show Obama gaining, it’s going to be slash and burn for the McCain campaign.


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