The Palin Trainwreck Debate

Incoherent, unable to sustain an argument, way, way off topic, spouting attacks, and repetitive.

But giving the red meat to the base.

It’s like she’s in a room by herself downloading everything she’s crammed into her head.

In a way, Biden is making her points for her. I had no idea she was talking about a windfall tax in Alaska until he told me she was.

It annoys me that he doesn’t respond to the white flag of surrender talk. How dare they?

Even with bar so low, she is terrible.

“Sure, there’s been blunders.” How flip. How disgracefully flip. But don’t look back.

Biden: “The past is prologue.” Look back to see the future.

Biden looks like he can’t believe he has to take her seriously.

He also closed beautifully. Just because he’s a man doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand family issues. John McCain is no maverick. Against ideological right-wing judges like Bork. Works across the aisle.

I’m shaking my head and smiling at the same time. There isn’t much left to say about Palin.

This should represent the final nail in the coffin. Will it? We’ll see.

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