Sarah Palin Graded on a Curve

I wake up this morning to see, of course, the usual GOP propaganda assets claiming the Palin was brilliant. She’s now free to be herself; they revel in the down-home folksy Reagan-esque persona from up there in Alaska (head tilt, wink).

If by that they mean largely incoherent, unfocused, and pandering, then, yes, she was Reagan-esque.

Watch the debate again. And judge her by the same standard you would Biden or someone who didn’t have a series of disastrous interviews before the debate. She was terrible. Yes, she may have jumped over the bar at floor level by not pausing, like a moose in the headlights, for ten seconds and then breaking out in tears, but she repeated (with, again, weak syntax) hollow talking points, did not answer questions, and was insulting to huge swaths of the voting public.

She has suggested that every American (a majority) that wants withdrawal from Iraq is waving the “white flag of surrender.” How dare she? There are hundreds of thousands of independent voters who don’t share her view. Is insulting them a smart strategy?

She dismissed the Bush “blunders” of Iraq and the economic meltdown as the past, as though she forgot to write a thank-you note after a party. I’m sorry, but Americans take these issues seriously. As Biden put it, the past is prologue. It was a blithe dismissal of the primary concerns of American voters.

Biden, for his part, was brilliant. Focused, informed, a glimpse of the man behind the politician, and most importantly, above the fray. He stayed focused on McCain. Not on Palin. And didn’t bite when she let loose with the white flag remark. That was genius. Who on that stage looked presidential?

It surely wasn’t Sarah Palin. She simply looked like she was trying too hard (smile, head tilt, wink).

But, if you are part of the GOP New York-Washington elite on the hated East Coast – men like David Brooks and Bill Kristol – then Palin aced the test.

This is one of those times where the conventional wisdom is wrong.

Main Street did not see what they saw on K Street.


3 Responses to Sarah Palin Graded on a Curve

  1. Gerber says:

    Perfect analysis. The standard we are reading about for Palin is skewed by her previous mishaps. Under objective analysis, it was terrible. The only credit she can be given is for getting out a bunch of planned one liners.

  2. YT says:

    It’s so funny to read the conservative blogs today. Somehow they believe she was superb. Yet all the flash polls (except Fox, of course) say Biden won. Just silly. I don’t expect them to quit, but if enough pushed, they could get Mitt on the ticket.

  3. bowwow says:

    The GOP is a now a niche party.

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