Flyers Fans Boo Palin

In her defense, it’s likely they’d boo any politician. But still, good fun!


2 Responses to Flyers Fans Boo Palin

  1. JoeJ says:

    I heard from several women that live there. Yesterday they told me that Philly wont welcome her. They said that a phony she is and easy to spot.

    She proved it by being there.

  2. machdog says:

    Sarah Palin got to big for her britches. Instead of trying to help McCain win the election, she was
    moving her own political agenda. She needs to stop hauliing her little girl and baby around with
    her. Shouldn’t the little girl be in school and her liittle baby be playing instead of being carried
    every where with her and her husband? She is not a role model, she is a strange bird by any stretch of the imagination. I mean strange, not just someone who is entitled to her opinions, I mean
    cult like. I cannot wait until this campaign is over and Obama is in the White House. I do feel
    sorry for McCain, he looks like her wife.

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