Jesse Jackass: Part II

I was hesitant to link to this but I’m going to go ahead because I think it’s important to disassociate Obama from the likes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Bill Clinton.

One of the great benefits of an Obama presidency will be a true generational shift away from the 60s era political leaders of the Jackson/Clinton ilk (which explains their passive-aggressive antipathy). Whether or not Obama solves America’s race problem (he won’t and can’t), he will represent a step forward and away from a race conscious past. Post-racial is the right word.

And while it’s likely that marginalized groups will always find comfort in the likes of Jesse Jackass, we can keep hope alive that his future, and the future of others like him who racketeer in victimhood, will be diminished come November 4.


One Response to Jesse Jackass: Part II

  1. part says:

    What a douche this guy is… Disgraceful.

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