Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama

A seismic jolt.

Colin Powell, who has served under the last three GOP administrations, was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Secretary of State under W., has endorsed Barack Obama for president.

A huge blow. Powell has partially redeemed himself for his Iraq capitulation.

3 Responses to Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama

  1. jonolan says:

    No, a tiny poke. Powell waited far too long for his endorsement to matter to anyone. Once again – when it came to politics – Powell waited for it to be safe to voice his opinion. He who waits is irrelevant.

  2. Debbie says:

    This one is unspinnable. He gave the Republican National Party ample time to develop their polciies unique to this campaign, ample time for the VP nominee to show her strength, and McCain to show himself as the self-proclaimed maverick he wishes he was. As a staunch Republican, he owed it to himself and his party to scrutinize what was being offered by each party and the way in which each offered it.

    He wasn’t happy with what he saw. There was obvious pain as he talked about his long friendship. But that wasn’t enough. In Obama he saw a man who is capable of uniting people of all sides of issues, of all faiths of all races. The Republican campaign has only succeeded in dividing Americans…and that is what the 4 star general, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who has served under the last 3 Republican administrations saw.

    The timing actually serves the Democratic party’s last adrenaline rush to the finish. It will be the gossip of the R epublican party. Even the Republican party has deep divisions.

    I’m afraid your assessment is a little off. We’ll see just how off it is very shortly.

  3. jonolan says:


    Neither the Left nor the Right matter any more; they’re votes are set in stone at this point. It’s the undecided or uncommitted voters that matter at this stage of the race.

    I think Powell’s lack of creditability caused by his history of overly safe politics will cause his endorsement to be a non-issue with those undecided or uncommitted voters. Powell’s waiting this long to endorse Obama is also going to hurt his efforts.

    Three or four weeks ago Powell’s endorsement would have been a gut-shot to the GOP. Now it’s next to nothing.

    But hey, I’m a cynic.

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