Wall Street Bonuses: America is Watching

I’ve got to apologize. For the next couple of weeks my blogging schedule will be reduced because of other work commitments. So I won’t be able to write about Wall Street bonus season as much as I’d like, but I will try to link to articles that share my opinion and that, undoubtedly, will piss you off.

How can any institution that is taking government funds or posting losses give out a bonus? They mean to tell us that a $150,000 base salary isn’t sufficient for a banker in a company that nearly went bankrupt?

You’ve got to keep top talent they say? You mean the assholes who lost all that money and brought our economy to the brink of collapse? A coin flip would have done better. They should be fired and their past bonuses confiscated. And everyone should suffer as the shareholders and taxpayers have.

Bonus season is a slap in the face.


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