Maverick: $150K for Palin’s Clothes

Okay, the reformer bills her state for per diems when she stays in her own home, charges her family’s travel expenses to the state of Alaska, and needs $150,000 dollars of new clothes on the RNC’s dime from places like Nieman Marcus.

That’s the kind of reform we need in Washington!


One Response to Maverick: $150K for Palin’s Clothes

  1. MB says:

    Why does it matter where she gets her clothes? They were given to her by the Republican Party and she is donating them when she’s done using them. So who cares? People are so superficial. I don’t see anyone talking about Michelle Obama’s new hairstylist connection with Oprah. That can’t be cheap either. OR how about what Michelle & Barack ordered while in a hotel a week or two ago? Nobody in politics can relate to the common man. So who cares about Palin’s outfits?

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