Socialist Sarah and Uncle McCain

What are these two talking about?

Alaska is the nearest thing to a socialist state in America. From HuffPo:

Alaska is more dependent upon government spending and subsidies than any state in the Union. This includes the vast federal government subsidies, as well as the state government spending. According to the State of Alaska Legislative Finance Division’s own “Fiscal Summary,” Palin’s state budget request for fiscal year 2009 was $12,680 per person.

This is a state that “redistributes” the heavy taxes levied against oil companies to the masses. It’s why Sarah Palin is so popular there. She squeezed the oil companies to better “spread the wealth!”

And McCain is, no surprise, talking out of both sides of his mouth. One moment, he’s trying to claim Obama is a socialist because he wants to cut taxes for the middle class and the next he’s talking about the government buying up people’s bad mortgages. Does this crazy, say-anything hypocrisy not register on the viewers of Fox News and the National Review Online?

Apparently not.

William F. Buckley must be rolling over in his grave.

2 Responses to Socialist Sarah and Uncle McCain

  1. Cluskey says:

    Year man you’re right!!!
    It’s unbelievable that such persons (Palin, McCain) call Obama a socialist!!!!!!!!!!

  2. paul8bee says:

    You see things very clearly.

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