My Closing Argument for Obama

I could write at length extolling the virtues of Barack Obama. But I will assume any reader of this blog already knows the difference between the two candidates. I will keep this brief.

Obama represents a generational shift towards competence, intellect, character, and judgment. An Obama win will instantly renew a sense of optimism about America at home and abroad, and will give us our best chance to climb out of the dark pit the GOP has dug for us. He is pragmatic, responsible, and honest. He is unquestionably the best candidate for the presidency.

But putting that aside, my final argument comes down to two words:

Sarah Palin.

If you are still undecided, and you love your children and your country, you cannot risk putting this proudly ignorant, deeply unprepared, ethically challenged, inarticulate half-wit near a position of power. I don’t like to use fear as a tactic, but we must all legitimately be afraid of a Sarah Palin vice presidency. In America, or anywhere else, her ascent to higher office should never come to pass.

It boils down to this: we are at a defining moment. We must ask ourselves, what kind of country are we going to be?

There is only one answer for those who believe in the best of America.

Barack Obama for President.


5 Responses to My Closing Argument for Obama

  1. 2twentythree3 says:

    Sarah Palin is just George Bush with a vagina. Sorry but true. She is george bush in a skirt, there, that was a much politer way of putting it 🙂

  2. Jennifer says:

    You lost me with Sarah Palin. It’s so nice when people can say that she is everything a women would not want to be. She IS American women! We have morals and values and stand for something.

    You are right about it boiling down what kind of country are we going to be? Can we be bought by Obama’s $ or do we have the sense to look at the issues and judge on political and life experience, ability to lead, a desire to keep our country safe, and a leader who will keep his word.

    Obama is nothing but a motivational speaker.

  3. Kate Schock says:

    Tomorrow, election day, will be my 65th birthday. I am one of those white, older women the pundits said wouln’t vote for Barack Obama. Not only am I voting for Barack Obama and Joe Biden, the best birthday present I could ever imagine will become reality when they are sworn in January 20, 2009. I will then be able to breath freely again and know that my country has some hope of returning to one I can be proud of. As a retired construction worker, I can tell you Sarah Palin turns my stomach. She certainly is not a person I would define my life by. On the other hand, Barack and Joe will stand up for all of us. Of that you can be sure! Happy Birthday to me!

  4. Tom Lawrie of Erie PA says:

    I have been saying all along that there are many, many, many reasons to vote for Barack and only one reason to not vote for McCain – – – and that reason is clearly Sarah Palin. Thank you for saying the same in a much more positive and articulate manner. VOTE OBAMA-BIDEN.

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