Lieberman to Keep Committee Chair

This news is a slap in the face to everyone who worked so hard to get Barack Obama elected (and that’s a lot of people). This man did everything in his power to see that it didn’t happen and his reward is that he gets to stay on our team? In a position of power?


I am deeply, deeply upset to hear that this may happen. I intend to write to my senators, Chuck and Hillary, to let them know my feelings. How about you?

Here’s why this is so disappointing: There’s a lot of anger built up over these last eight years and we need to find a way to blow that off. Sure, getting Obama elected was huge, but we’re talking about eight years. Throw us a little red meat with our champagne. We want heads to roll. And Lieberman is the low hanging fruit.

Justice, truly, is not served by this cowardly move.


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