The Lesson of Lieberman

I am a “What’s the Matter with New York City” voter for the Democrats. In financial terms, the GOP is the party whose policies best align with my interests. I work and vote and help raise money for the Democrats because I believe in the total platform, with some exceptions.

Of course, Bush has made this work all the more important, and Obama truly has given America a reason to hope.

But I walk away from the Lieberman decision with a lesson. It is this: a slap in the face. All of the work that I’ve done for Obama and the Dems was, in part, made necessary because of the actions of Joe Lieberman. Now the Democrats are telling me that my work was, in a sense, without value. In fact, they’re rewarding my enemy, the man who made my job harder.

And they expect me to work as hard next time around?

Expect me to give as the fundraising emails continue to come in?

My only response is that they just lost a source of funding. And until Joe Lieberman is gone, I will urge others to stop giving as well. This was a black and white decision. And the Dems failed. I urge them not to take people like me for granted.


One Response to The Lesson of Lieberman

  1. NorNor says:

    I am OUTRAGED by this, absolutely furious. And I am not comforted by the fact that he’s going to lose in Connecticut the next time around. That’s 2012, right? I want to know why exactly did this happen? What is the reason? Obama? 60 votes? AIPAC?

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