Hillary to be Secretary of State

It’s coming in fast now.

Hillary will (or has) accepted Obama’s offer according to the New York Times. This should make for some good fun.

Despite her shortcomings (which are few) and, of course, Bill, you know Hillary is going to do a good job.

This is a good move for America. And in case you hadn’t noticed, Obama is a very, very smart man.


One Response to Hillary to be Secretary of State

  1. Kate Schock says:

    I agree that Hilary is a brilliant choice for Secretary of State. She is a competent and outstanding politician. She will do us proud. Not only is she smart, but she doesn’t have a zipper problem like her husband Bill. I’m just hoping that he will stay in the background and let her shine like I know she can.

    President-elect Obama hasn’t disappointed me yet. I think he will preside with dignity and clarity. Isn’t it nice to actually see and hear a literate voice projecting the voice of our country again? It’s long overdue.

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