Gates Stays at DoD; Involved in Reagan’s Oct. Surprise?

I was very much for this move. I think the continuity is important and I thought Gates was a dedicated public servant.

Then I read this post from, of all places, the American Conservative:

Robert Parry of Consortium News is reporting that in 1992 the Russians turned over to the White House a secret report confirming that senior US officials and Reagan campaign staff met with Iranian officials in Europe during the summer of 1980. The meetings, since known as the October Surprise, were designed to delay the release of the American Embassy hostages in Iran until after the US elections, depriving President Jimmy Carter of a success that might have kept him in office…

…Parry is now reporting that current US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates was also involved, according to the intelligence allegedly provided by the Russians. Gates was, at the time, a senior official in Carter’s National Security Council…

…Meeting clandestinely with the officials of a foreign country to come to an arrangement intended to influence the results of an election in the United States goes well beyond ordinary political shenanigans and makes Richard Nixon’s sins seem almost trivial.

To me, this is treason. And if it is factual, Gates should be arrested. But then, so should everyone involved, including George H.W. Bush. The funny thing about this is that this October Surprise has been talked about for a long time, but no one seems to have been punished for it, nor has Reagan’s star been dimmed.

I’ve always been puzzled by this. Reagan actually delayed the release of American hostages to help an election and he’s an American hero? He’s a criminal. Literally.

Honestly, I’m not sure I know the whole story, but I feel like I’ve read this many times. Is it a rumor? Fact? I’d like to know more.

If there is evidence, I am going to be sick. It’s bad enough that there are apologists for Bush’s criminality, and that Obama seems unwilling to press the issue, but we can’t just acknowledge this kind of disgraceful, unpunished law-breaking without repercussions to the validity of our laws and the moral and civic fiber of our country.

We are either a nation of laws or we are not.

Which is it?


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