Obama’s National Security Team

At the press conference, one journalist asked him if India had the right to take action against terrorists on Pakistani territory (as Obama has suggested he would do). Obama dodged the question, but it does point out the geopolitical complications of such a policy.


Anyway, I am please with Obama’s team. I know Hillary will work very hard and I’ll bet (any takers?) she will be more loyal and less complicated than most people expect. I understand that GEN. Jones is a good choice, and I respect Gates (despite whatever murk is in his past) as a manager and as a forward thinker. As for the rest, we’ll see. I do expect big things from Eric Holder. There are many important legal issues surrounding Bush and the “War on Terror” that needed to be sorted out and/or rectified. I am cautiously optimistic that Obama/Holder will act accordingly.


One Response to Obama’s National Security Team

  1. Kate Schock says:

    I do hope that Eric Holder does hold the administration that is on the way out responsible for the mess they have made of governance on the “war on terror.” However, it behooves all of the citizenry to pay attention as events unfold so we never get fooled so badly again. We must all take an active role in our government from this day forward.

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