Pastor Rick Hearts Homosexuals

Of course this is an unfortunate choice. The man in question, Rick Warren, is a charlatan and liar who trades in snake oil. Why gays would be upset that he has anti-homosexual views is beyond me. What would you expect?

His business is based on a mythology that is thousands of years old and reflects the primitive culture and beliefs of that time. Instead of worrying about changing an archaic system of lies, a better bet would be to ignore the system altogether. Jesus doesn’t love you because Jesus doesn’t exist.

Neither does the Hebrew God. Or the Virgin birth. Or literally anything of putative divinity found in the Bible. These are primitive beliefs and rituals for primitive people.

The bigger question for me is when will we have an inauguration that doesn’t require an invocation of sacred lies. On that day, it’s likely that homosexuals – along with everyone else – will have advanced beyond a level of atavism that will be worthy of admiration.

That is the day all of us should fight for.


3 Responses to Pastor Rick Hearts Homosexuals

  1. Kate Schock says:

    Well put indeed! As a person who doesn’t depend on some mythical god to define me, I agree with you 100% Do you think we, the unbelievers, will ever achieve equality?

  2. Matt Rafat says:

    It’s interesting that you associate belief in a higher power with “primitive” brain functions. Whether, 10,000 1,000, or 100 years ago, not having modern-day comforts, the human beings who believed in a higher power probably felt more confident and able to move forward. As a result, human beings with a predilection for imagination passed on their genes more often than those without imagination. Thus, having the gift of imagination–even if some believe it’s grounded in self-delusion–is a biological advantage. The day probably won’t come when atheists have more children than deists and religious followers. Just my two cents.

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