It’s All Eli’s Fault

If the Giants go on to lose the divisional playoff against the Eagles, it will be Eli Manning’s fault. Right from the start, he was off.

  • He blew the pass to a wide open Steve Smith on their first drive.
  • Threw the interception for the Eagles first score.
  • Had to call timeout because he couldn’t get the snap off in the 2nd quarter.
  • In the 3rd quarter, missed the 4th and inches by staying too high.
  • And just threw a lot of bad balls all game long.
  • I’m not a big Giant fan (I follow the Jets), but its still pretty disappointing. Coughlin would never do it, but he could have started David Carr in the second half.

    And now, as I type, he just threw the game ending interception. It’s Eagles/Cardinals in the NFC championship.


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