There is No Shame is Self-Publishing

A little article today in the New York Times about the still growing business of self-publishing.

It has become increasingly common and is, like online dating, no longer something to be ashamed of. The traditional publishing industry is crumbling in large measure for the same reason that newspapers continue to do so. They are victims of the democratization of media.

You are now the gatekeeper. Writers should utilize all the tools at their disposal to reach their audience without the stifling interference and failing business model of big publishing.

In a tangentially related editorial, David Swensen and Michale Schmidt, write about newspapers seeking endowments and not-for-profit status to survive. A brilliant idea this commentator has been suggesting for a couple of years.


One Response to There is No Shame is Self-Publishing

  1. Bobby Ozuna says:

    You are surely right about one thing: The business of book publishing is changing so rapidly, that in the end, we independent publishers have lots to gain. I started writing ten years ago and working as an indie book publisher now for 3 years. I have struggled in the uphill battle against the expert giants who took claim to the land and all things pertinent towards literary success. But I am pleased to say that in all my efforts (7 days a week) the tides have slowly changed. I went from someone who wrote a book to someone who now as a product to sale (and worth selling) and after struggling many years to open doors not meant for a lowly writer like myself, I have turned it into a full time operation. I write, I blog, I publish, I promote and I have since spun off to speak for a variety of groups and schools and my own Internet Radio Show–The Soul of Humanity–where I feature indie authors for one hour LIVE over the web, to show that together, as independents, we can accomplish the same tasks as the corporate giants. Yes, it takes longer…but you are only supposed to approach this business from a long-term perspective, that way you aren’t let down when you don’t become an overnight success. Success after all is not the destination, but a daily process.

    Great post!!

    ~Bobby Ozuna
    Drawing Stories…With Words

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