Borrow from Children!

A brilliant idea! The solution to all our financial problems!

I have to say, I am rapidly becoming disillusioned with Obama and the Dems. I think the stimulus is a huge waste of money and will ultimately prove to do more harm than good (not that the GOP tax cut solution was better; it wasn’t). If Obama isn’t going to do the right thing, no one ever will.

I am completely in favor of a cheaper, immediate, short-term burst of stimulus in the form of unemployment aid, state aid, and the like. But this bill is crap and we’re borrowing or printing money to pay for every cent of it. Eventually, we are going to have to cut costs, live within our means, stop borrowing to consume.

Right now, it looks like America is heading for default or hyper-inflation, and in either case, it’s going to look a lot worse than it does today.

It’s a good thing America is too big to fail.

Or is it?


2 Responses to Borrow from Children!

  1. djcnor says:

    There is such a thing as investment, even for governments. The Louisiana Purchase was not made with cash on hand. Rural electrification was not paid for with cash. The US has fallen far behind other first world nations in a large number of ways that make it less competitive in the world. There is work to be done that will pay off long term. There is a list of projects on the web that stand to be funded by this bill. Check it and see what you think will not, and try to think in terms of the jobs created, the stimulus to businesses as the money from those jobs and the money to buy the materials for those jobs is spent. Give Obama as much a chance as we who disapproved Bush’s actions gave him.

  2. feldsher says:

    i’m having some obama issues myself. here’s another view

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