Paternity Rights: Losing Fatherhood

I can’t believe how angry I am over this. Just finished an article in the NY Times magazine about cuckolded men raising children who are not their own. The article, Who Knew I Was Not the Father?, written by an adjunct professor at Columbia, is almost completely unsympathetic to the plight of men who have raised children to whom that have no genetic tie.

I am incensed. Livid. Apoplectic. The article cites several men who have sought to stop child support upon finding out only to be shot down by the courts in the interest of the child.

In the main case, the biological father is married (years later) to the mother and has no legal support obligations for his child. The cuckolded man does. It’s a bloody outrage.

Not once, in the entire article, does this hack take issue with the duplicity of the mother, the person solely responsible for the fraud, and the person (w/ the biological father) who should be entirely responsible for the financial support of the child. Where is that article? What kind of person does this to a man and, more importantly, to a child? Does this reflect upon her qualifications to be a parent? Shouldn’t these women be stripped of their children?

The answer, it seems, is no. Because it will upset the child. The author cites a lobbyist (now fighting against these women), who abandoned his child and won the right to have no financial obligations. She makes him sound like a monster. She quotes his young adult “daughter” as confused and damaged and mentions the suffering she endured because her “father” abandoned her.


She’s not even mentioned. And, one presumes, the daughter doesn’t blame her.

Some advocates now suggest that there be mandatory paternity tests for all fathers at birth to avoid this problem. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL. The entire tone of the article suggests a kind of mystification as to why these men would be so upset about this.


I mean, really?

P.S. On a related note, as I have written before, men should have the right to opt out of financial support for a child during the same time period that a woman can choose to abort the fetus. Figure out for yourself why this is fair and just.


2 Responses to Paternity Rights: Losing Fatherhood

  1. Joe says:

    Well, if you re-read the article, it’s not the “feminization” of America that caused this predicament; it’s that many of our laws regarding parental obligation are inherited from British common-law. In many cases, I imagine, the judges’ hands are tied.

    Having said that, I’ll say that I, too, was apoplectic. Not only do I think that the cuckolds should be allowed to stop paying child-support *immediately*, but I think they should be able to *sue* the biological fathers for all of the money that they (the cuckolds) had spent on the child since birth.

    And I also feel that, in addition to changing the laws to let the cuckolds out of these mis-bestowed obligations, we probably *should* have mandatory DNA testing at birth.

  2. Puma says:

    Anyone who is agianst MPT should also be against hospital safeguards to ensure that the correct child is given to the correct mother.

    After all, if “genetics is a social construct”, women should be ok with raising another woman’s child right? What? You don’t want to raise another woman’s child? What about the best interests of “the child”? What kind of monster are you lady?

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