The Two Reasons Obama Won the 2nd Debate

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

1) He was simply more “presidential.” What does that mean? He gave excellent, clear, and well-considered answers to every question. He was never off his stride and was able to draw distinctions and respond to attacks fluidly, without showing disrespect for McCain. He is also tall and handsome and looks good in suit. In any political race, that counts (just look at Palin) for something.

2) McCain, once again, seemed angry and disrespectful. Pointing to Obama and calling him, “that one.” Cracking sarcastic jokes that were DOA. And lastly, again related to looks, McCain appeared to be short, old (slightly hunched), and stumpy. This shouldn’t matter, but we all know that, on some level, it does. He is, in my opinion, actually better off behind a lectern (despite the CW that says town halls favor him).

In the end, it was a good debate and very close to a draw. It really, I think, gave viewers a chance to hear their positions. That’s what this is about. Who do you think is going to be better for the country?

Aside from the reasons above, I think Obama, by a vast margin.