Google, Haiti, and Taxachusetts

Saturday, January 23, 2010

There have been so many juicy topics to cover, it’s been difficult to keep away. Every time I’m moved to write, though, I really have something else to do or simply don’t want to devote the time to it. That said, here is, in summary, how to think about the following issues:

Google/China: Yes, if Google was #1 in China this wouldn’t have happened, but they’re not and it did. As a result, this is one of the great humanitarian corporate moves of all time. Perhaps the greatest (there’s not a lot of competition, I’m guessing). Google should follow through and close their business there. As arguably the most important corporation in the world, the move will properly shame China and the many companies that remain in that authoritarian country. Here’s a question that any one doing business there should ask: Would I want to live here?

Haiti: Nothing to do in the aftermath but help. In the long term, I’m with David Brooks and Bret Stephenson. Let’s stop giving money to countries “in need.” It does nothing, and may actively do harm. It’s difficult, because it is human nature to try to help fellow humans in need, but it’s also the right thing to do. Certainly, what the first world has been doing for decades has not worked.

Taxachusetts: I would have voted for Scott Brown too. Seriously. I would have voted for a cardboard cutout against Coakley. Although she was inept, I would have done it to send the message. I have said, many times, that if Obama and this Congress can’t get it done, then there is no hope for us. Year one has been an epic, unmitigated failure. Iraq, Afghanistan, secrecy, deficit spending, bank coddling, and worst of all, the healthcare nightmare. I blame Obama for not using his robust post-election strength to strong arm Pelosi (failure) and Reid (failure) immediately. Weak, poorly managed, pathetic. Obama, where are your balls? It’s time to lead.

And, btw, why do you need the 60 votes? Make an exceptional bill and let the GOP filibuster. Call their bluff. If they do it, and the bill dies, you hang it around their neck. Now, the bill dies, and it’s a Dem failure. Disgraceful.

(But then there would be no healthcare bill, someone wails. So fucking what? Paul Krugman can cry to his cats. This is not the most pressing issue in America. Budget restraint, financial reform, and confiscatory, punitive taxes on very wealth bankers, should be the priority. Followed by a 10% spending cut across the entire government, no exceptions.

We are going to have to suffer, period. Let us start suffering already so we have a shot at not fucking our children.)

The bottom line for me, in all this, is that I have really given up hope. I don’t believe our Congress (and the state legislatures) are capable of introducing the change (ethics, responsible spending) that is necessary.

Something very, very bad is going to happen in the next ten or twenty years. War with China, epic depression/inflation/default, or, in the best case scenario, a benevolent military coup (and a draft) that reforms the government in a way that makes it possible for America to function properly.

David Petraeus, are you out there? Rome needs you. Cross the Rubicon. Cast the die!

P.S. I can’t believe I just wrote that. Nevertheless, letting it stand.


Accountability in the Age of Bush

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I’m going to make a list of the people who need to be held accountable for the dizzying array of crimes and recklessness that has put our country in its worst position in a century.

To start, of course, W. Who is going to hold this asshole accountable?

For starters, my new favorite guy, the Egyptian journalist who threw his shoes at him:

Love it.

Georgia Unprepared for Voter Turnout

Friday, October 31, 2008

Naturally, the GOP Secretary of State has refused to extend voting hours in the hopes of waiting out voters. Disgraceful.

Just look at this video. No one should have to wait this long to vote. The GOP’s suppression efforts are undemocratic and un-American.

Is it any wonder they are heading for a historic defeat?

I suggest the Georgia Bulldogs refuse to play this Saturday in protest.

Why Francis Fukuyama is Voting Obama

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

From the American Conservative:

I’m voting for Barack Obama this November for a very simple reason. It is hard to imagine a more disastrous presidency than that of George W. Bush. It was bad enough that he launched an unnecessary war and undermined the standing of the United States throughout the world in his first term. But in the waning days of his administration, he is presiding over a collapse of the American financial system and broader economy that will have consequences for years to come. As a general rule, democracies don’t work well if voters do not hold political parties accountable for failure. While John McCain is trying desperately to pretend that he never had anything to do with the Republican Party, I think it would a travesty to reward the Republicans for failure on such a grand scale.

Works for me.

Charlie Crist Stands Up for Democracy

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And twists the knife in McCain’s back a little deeper.

So it’s a twofer.

Crist just signed an executive order extending early voting hours in Florida to 12 hours a day (from 8). The move is widely thought to help Democrats.

Either way, bravo to Charlie Crist. This kind of action (imagine helping people vote!) is so rare (from the GOP) that it’s almost shocking. He should be proud of himself for standing up for democracy. From Crist:

As to the perception that more early voting helps Democrats, Crist said: “This is not a political decision. This is a people decision.”

Amen, brother. One step at a time, we’re going to take back our democracy. Crist is earning himself a place at the table.

Socialist Sarah and Uncle McCain

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What are these two talking about?

Alaska is the nearest thing to a socialist state in America. From HuffPo:

Alaska is more dependent upon government spending and subsidies than any state in the Union. This includes the vast federal government subsidies, as well as the state government spending. According to the State of Alaska Legislative Finance Division’s own “Fiscal Summary,” Palin’s state budget request for fiscal year 2009 was $12,680 per person.

This is a state that “redistributes” the heavy taxes levied against oil companies to the masses. It’s why Sarah Palin is so popular there. She squeezed the oil companies to better “spread the wealth!”

And McCain is, no surprise, talking out of both sides of his mouth. One moment, he’s trying to claim Obama is a socialist because he wants to cut taxes for the middle class and the next he’s talking about the government buying up people’s bad mortgages. Does this crazy, say-anything hypocrisy not register on the viewers of Fox News and the National Review Online?

Apparently not.

William F. Buckley must be rolling over in his grave.

Palin 2012

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Please, please, please, please.