Prosecute Bush

Friday, April 24, 2009

Krugman, rightly, calls for investigations.

It’s hard, then, not to be cynical when some of the people who should have spoken out against what was happening, but didn’t, now declare that we should forget the whole era — for the sake of the country, of course.

Sorry, but what we really should do for the sake of the country is have investigations both of torture and of the march to war. These investigations should, where appropriate, be followed by prosecutions — not out of vindictiveness, but because this is a nation of laws.

Exactly right. If laws were broken, and it certainly looks like they were, the criminals should be prosecuted.


Accountability in the Age of Bush

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I’m going to make a list of the people who need to be held accountable for the dizzying array of crimes and recklessness that has put our country in its worst position in a century.

To start, of course, W. Who is going to hold this asshole accountable?

For starters, my new favorite guy, the Egyptian journalist who threw his shoes at him:

Love it.

Iraqi Cabinet Approves U.S. Withdrawal Plan

Sunday, November 16, 2008

It goes to their parliament now, but the agreement was approved almost unanimously by the cabinet and that, apparently, bodes well for parliamentary approval. If passed, all American troops will be out by the end of 2011. From the New York Times:

The draft approved Sunday requires coalition forces to withdraw from Iraqi cities and towns by the summer of 2009 and from the country by the end of 2011. An earlier version had language giving some flexibility to that deadline, with both sides discussing timetables and timelines for withdrawal, but the Iraqis managed to have the deadline set in stone, a significant negotiating victory.

So is this surrender? Cause it smells like victory to me. I hope the neocons will accept it as such and stop trying to dishonor the work of our Armed Services by claiming otherwise. It’s disgraceful to belittle the progress they’ve made – enough that our presence is no longer thought necessary – by insisting that we haven’t won.* We should plan a big victory parade for our troops in 2011.

As for the future of Iraq, well, call me cynical, but I think there’s a lot more blood to be shed. I can’t pretend to know how it will turn out, especially Iran-wise, with all of their trouble, and the world in economic turmoil, but to me, it seems the likeliest conclusion that after a civil war a Shia strongman will rise and take Saddam-like control of the country (excluding the Kurds). In that event, we will actually be worse off than we were before the war.

I just hope that Bush and company will face punishment for their crimes. For the tens of thousands of lives lost and for the tens of thousands of wounded and for the millions who have lost their homes. As we unwind all of the foul corruption and dishonor of the Bush administration, we must make sure that those who are most responsible pay the heaviest price.

*Btw, I definitely want Joe Lieberman booted from his committee chair. Don’t care if he caucuses with the Dems or not, I want his downfall. The day he loses his Senate seat, I will drink a toast to his failure.

Bush Wagging the Dog?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

You knew the administration that always puts politics above policy would do something, right?

So are over the border (from Iraq) helicopter attacks on Syria their October surprise?

How could anyone trust Bush on this?

Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A seismic jolt.

Colin Powell, who has served under the last three GOP administrations, was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Secretary of State under W., has endorsed Barack Obama for president.

A huge blow. Powell has partially redeemed himself for his Iraq capitulation.

Petraeus Backs Obama: Talk to Your Enemies

Friday, October 10, 2008

One of the few things I agree with John McCain on is in venerating GEN. Petraeus. I think he is an incredibly smart, honorable, decent, and courageous man. Without knowing his politics, I would be inclined to support his candidacy for any office. I hope he is a Democrat, but I could live with him as a centrist Republican.

At any rate, watch the video. Petraeus supports the Obama “doctrine” of talking to the people who are shooting at you.

McCain is virtually alone in his stupidity on this front.

Obama: McCain Wrong on Iraq

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

From 60 Minutes: